Mr Democracy

A written constitution for the UK (made in China)

  • Welcome to Mr Democracy, the story of a British artist who set off to get a written constitution for the UK made.
    Understanding the changing balance of power in the world, and with a nod to Britain’s ‘democratic’ ventures across the world, he chose to get it written in China, and ship it back to the UK.
    Read more under 'about' and in the many blog entries.

Criticism in Berlin

Posted by mrdemocracy on 06,04,2008

Here in Berlin I’ve received much essential support, suggestions and astute criticism from peers and colleagues, but also some ‘woooo, hang on’ criticism, especially this week during the Olympic flame’s rather unhappy travels. Suprisingly, otherwise liberal and supportive professors have shown great caution and wanted to really avoid the project. I’m always very hesitant to think of myself as radical, certainly too radical. In my experience, this is rarely the case, and those who think they are too radical are often simply missing something, some experience that someone else has.

See Clashes along Olympic torch route

A Chinese artist and curator colleague has also been cautious, claming up when I asked her if she knew any writers, teachers or political science students. She reacted in a way I’ve never seen before, laughing nervously and saying, ‘no, of course I don’t know anyone involved in these areas, only artists’, but almost as if there were a thrid person in the room, checking her response. I think this was my first experience of the effects of an all-knowing dictatorship, though I suspect my colleague was more cautious than absolutely necessary. She, I now understand, is most likely a party member. She suggested I do something less confrontational, more concillatory. I don’t find the project that critical, but as the media spotlight turns to China, and Chinese hackles raise, I’m happy with the concept -rather than a westerner looking across and opinionating about China, it enables a reverse, of sorts. The project appears to be becoming more relevant with current events, not less. And I don’t think its an artist’s job to make things that are necessarily ‘nice’.


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