Mr Democracy

A written constitution for the UK (made in China)

  • Welcome to Mr Democracy, the story of a British artist who set off to get a written constitution for the UK made.
    Understanding the changing balance of power in the world, and with a nod to Britain’s ‘democratic’ ventures across the world, he chose to get it written in China, and ship it back to the UK.
    Read more under 'about' and in the many blog entries.

Official visit

Posted by mrdemocracy on 27,07,2008

The hotel people just called up to my room, spoke no english (except ‘under’). They then knocked on the door, and tried to pull me out, I thought it was because I haven’t paid for this evening. luckily I was on the phone to Tom at the time, handed the phone to him, and he said ‘its becuase of the olympics, only certian hotels are allowed to have foreigners. Maybe you should go downstairs.’ The police then came in, smoking, looked in the bathroom, and left again (closing the door behind him), kind of ignoring me. Pretty much over, I hope. My friend reassures me it shouldn’t be a problem. Think I might go out soon. nice coincidence that Tom was on the phone at the time. would have been alot more worried otherwise. Maybe the hotel is not allowed to have foreigners.


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