Mr Democracy

A written constitution for the UK (made in China)

  • Welcome to Mr Democracy, the story of a British artist who set off to get a written constitution for the UK made.
    Understanding the changing balance of power in the world, and with a nod to Britain’s ‘democratic’ ventures across the world, he chose to get it written in China, and ship it back to the UK.
    Read more under 'about' and in the many blog entries.

Welcome home

Posted by mrdemocracy on 22,09,2008

This weekend was the opening of the exhibition here in Liverpool. I don’t want to go into too much detail of the project installation in Liverpool, because the project diary should mainly follow the progress of the production of the constitution and its doll-form.

However, I will allow myself a couple a positive reflections. The first came from John O’Shea, a Liverpool based artist who got in touch via Laurence Payot from the Royal Standard, as they’d been talking about the project. He liked the idea that the project uses law as a medium, drawing parallels with his Meat License Proposal project, in which he is trying to introduce a law obliging everyone who wishes to consume meat to get a license to do so. I’m proud and excited about my project and how it’s been realised, but lots of aspects of his project are just great. Through conversations with John about this and other projects he has been working on, I am really excited about the openess he has for the concepts driving the work to change during the development of the project. This seems a real strength to me, and I admire his way of working. But if I hadn’t made this project, I wouldn’t have had these conversations either!

On Saturday came a great accolade. I attended the a discussion on Biennials at the A Foundation, or at least caught the end of it. The discussion came to the relationship between the Biennial (‘official’) and the Independents, a loose collection of ‘off’ projects. JJ Charlesworth (art review) was speaking and said this was funny because in fact the two (or two of the, can’t remember!) the best things he’d seen were at the Ceri Hand gallery and the Royal Standard. I took the opportunity to ask him after and it was the Mr Democracy project that he was referring to. Its always a great boost to hear things like this, still need to make sure more people see it! Unfortunately, he hasn’t written this anywhere yet…


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