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    Understanding the changing balance of power in the world, and with a nod to Britain’s ‘democratic’ ventures across the world, he chose to get it written in China, and ship it back to the UK.
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Second official visit

Posted by mrdemocracy on 08,08,2008

Back in Guangzhou, I got a knock at the door from the Police in the new hotel too. There were some attacks in the north (see here), so its fair enough that any foreigners in any part of China may be terrorists, despite the attackers being Chinese. This at least, is what my Chinese art student helper said. It is always amazing and scary just how easy and lightly people will bow down and take a bit of totalitarian government, with just the faintest of excuse. ‘The Olympics’ really was the reason for any abuse of Police power. I was more used to it now, after last time, and I do think people here are more used to the Police inviting themselves to any occasion than in the UK or Germany, but I still hate it. The came with a young woman interpreter. I like it that the police don’t actually speak English, it slows the interrogation right down. He pointed at the tripod and asked what it was. I said it was a tripod, I am a tourist. This just exemplifies the pointlessness of police interrogation anywhere in the world – harassing ordinary citizens. I say pointless, it does keep them in check, adding that little bit of fear which discourages us from protesting. ID cards in the UK should bring us that bit closer.

It also brings to mind something a friend who studied in Russia. She recounted how Russians said the difference between their system and ours was that they knew they lived lived in a system (a designed system) whereas it seemed we didn’t. Having said that it seems the Chinese, the Chinese I met, aren’t too aware of how much their system is designed, and how different it could be. Indeed, the writers in Shanghai asked me ‘so which human rights do you (all) think we so desperately need? I’m fine, my life is not interrupted by the police on a regular basis’. This was interesting if a little saddening, but it shows that the propaganda works. In another conversation with someone who worked with me in Gaungzhou, he asked if I could make one change in China, what would it be. We talked about it and agreed it would be one relatively simple change: press freedom. Press freedom would allow the corruption to (start to) be reported, bringing exposure and shame.

Since looking up an article about the terrorist attacks, google returns an update – that the attack now seems less black and white than first mentioned. Now its out of the (narrowly focussed) media spotlight, but I remember at the time a BBC ‘From Our Own Correspondant’ reporter commenting on how quickly the scene was tidied up, and there was little evidence of the attack. Have a look here.

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Official visit

Posted by mrdemocracy on 27,07,2008

The hotel people just called up to my room, spoke no english (except ‘under’). They then knocked on the door, and tried to pull me out, I thought it was because I haven’t paid for this evening. luckily I was on the phone to Tom at the time, handed the phone to him, and he said ‘its becuase of the olympics, only certian hotels are allowed to have foreigners. Maybe you should go downstairs.’ The police then came in, smoking, looked in the bathroom, and left again (closing the door behind him), kind of ignoring me. Pretty much over, I hope. My friend reassures me it shouldn’t be a problem. Think I might go out soon. nice coincidence that Tom was on the phone at the time. would have been alot more worried otherwise. Maybe the hotel is not allowed to have foreigners.

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One World, One Dream?

Posted by mrdemocracy on 10,07,2008

The biggest set back before I left has been the visa issue. I’ve heard through friends of cases where people had been sent back at the airport on arrival because their passports were bent, because they had a beard, and people who had had their visa aplication rejected 6 consecutive times. So applying on a business visa as an artist with this project seemed risky. Originally I wanted to go for about 3 months, but now the maximum visa being offered, tourist or business, is 1 month. One World One Dream? With the prospect of just getting a one month visa, I need to try to plan more before I go. In the end, Jim Hollington at the British Council in Guangzhou said the best option was to go to Hong Kong, and get a multiple entry visa from there, this way I’ll have flexibility as I don’t have to proove when I’m leaving on entry, and can renew my visa by doing a border run back to Hong Kong.

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